Three good reasons for having a franchise

To have a unique business

We have unique positioning that sets us apart from our competitors and enables us to achieve: 

High levels of sales thanks to:

  • A highly sophisticated desing and image with an identity that encourages many people to visit our establishments. 
  • Top quality products at affordable prices that help turno footfall into real sales.

High margins thanks to:

  • Being manufactures. The product goes straight from our factory to the point of sale, meaning that we can sell it at fair, competitive prices maintaining average in-store margins of 100% over purchases.

Having the exclusicity of a manufacturer

Our shops sell unique, innovative products with high sales success. 

  • Our products cannot be found at other points of sale, only in Cacao Sampaka shops. 
  • We manufacture more than 300 different, exclusive cocoa and chocolate products.

Benefit from our support services

Business backed by a head office service which helps to consolidate and optimise the business, providing:

  • A comprehensive training plan, both initially, as well as ongoing.
  • Supervision by means of periodic visits, with a greater or lesser frequency depending on the needs of the business. 
  • Advertising and marketing that stimulates and invigorates sales at the points of sale.
  • Computer support based on our own software that is customised to each business.
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