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Sacher cake


Level High

60 min.

6 serves


- 180 g Sampaka 70% dark chocolate chips for melting
- 180 g sugar
- 180 g butter
- 6 eggs
- 110 g flour
-  60 g ground almonds
- Apricot jam

For the topping:

- 150 g Sampaka 52% melting chocolate
- 2 dessertspoons butter
- 4 heaped dessertspoons single cream.


Step 1. Beat the butter and the sugar energetically using a beater until it is spongy. Add the room-temperature egg yolks one by one, beating at all times.

Step 2. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and when it is warm (36° C) add to the mixture.

Step 3. Mix the flour with the ground almond and add to the mixture, beating at all times.  Add the previously beaten stiff egg whites.

Step 4. Grease the pan with butter and sprinkle with a little flour. Add the dough and cook in the oven at 180° C for approximately 50 minutes.

Step 5. Make 3 discs by slicing the sponge cake horizontally and put apricot jam between each disc, cover and prepare for the topping.

Step 6. For topping the cake, melt the chocolate, add the butter and mix with a spatula until it melts. When it is well mixed, add the cream and stir gently so as not to introduce air. Allow to stand for 10 minutes.

Step 7. Cover the cake with the topping and use a spatula to remove the excess topping very carefully.

Step 8. Put in the fridge. Best served cold.

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